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This year again, I went to make the Michel Drucker on the TV set of CMSDay 2013 . This day organized by SMILE has become in two years the rendezvous almost unavoidable for those who are interested in these tools and who need a website, an intranet, an e-commerce site , etc … In other words everyone or almost today.

This year, it brings together representatives of 19 free and open source content management software . These include market leaders like Drupal , Joomla , WordPress . But also a lot of less known solutions oriented “Big Account” or business, as well as new kids, I would come back. The distinction is often made on the underlying technology: PHP or Java .

We also note the arrival of new children, French in this case. These are Rubedo and NoviusOS . Two recent software, the first versions of which date respectively from 2013 and 2012. Starting from scratch, these software made design choices very different from “historical” CMS.

In both cases, the user interface takes up the allegory of the desktop that users have been familiar with for more than 20 years. An office that is closer to more than a tablet interface for NoviusOS.

Rubedo distinguishes itself by abandoning the traditional relational database engine to adopt a NoSQL database . This mode of data storage has become in a few years the “natural” engine of most social networks.

Conference side, we found all the themes of the moment, mobility , multichannel , management of “factories sites” , etc. On the attendance side, it was up almost 30% compared to last year. Proof that these thematic events can still seduce.

The lectures were broadcast in video streaming with peaks at over 4000 connections. Here too, the incontestable proof that visitors want to be able to attend these conferences without necessarily moving. This reinforces my belief that there is significant potential for “extending” these events with “virtual” complements such as 3D immersive environments . They make it possible to integrate all the communication channels (video, chat) within the same interface. To make those present physically and virtually interact. To bring virtually speakers who otherwise would not have made the way, but whose contribution can bring a real added value to the event “In real”.

I would still conclude with my traditional speech (those that annoys can avoid reading the rest as long as they read my articles again), but I think there is too much CMS and a huge energy dispersion. In the end it always lacks a function or quality in the CMS that we use that is present in another. Except that this one does not have another quality, etc.

Of course, it helps to run the business . Including mine for that matter, since I have to help customers set up websites . Time will probably do its work and the housework. But a lot of energy and money will go up in smoke. Free software, however, offers the opportunity to pool efforts rather than disperse them.

The videos will be online soon, I’ll give you a little recap of them. In the meantime, you can still see the 2012 one .