the free management software for AMAP and purchasing group

Perhaps you have already read my articles about AMAP or Association for the maintenance of a peasant agriculture . If I talk about it, it’s because it’s a mode of food supply that I chose for a good part of what goes into my fridge. It’s been eight years now that I go every week to distribute AMAP to Potes to pick up my baskets.

Since I am talking about my AMAP, I take this opportunity to send a message to the Lyonnais and more particularly the Villeurbanne. AMAP is looking for new members . If you are interested the best is to go to a distribution to get to know the Amapiens, the producers and discover the proposed contracts. All information is on the home page of the AMAP website .

From a practical point of view, running an AMAP is a lot of paperwork . For having chaired it for five years and having been a producer referent, I am well placed to know it. It is necessary for each producer to establish contracts that are renewed each period. For a vegetable contract, for example, it’s twice a year. Imagine the management of 50 contracts to be recovered filled in with the regulations in three copies (one for the member, one for the producer and one for the AMAP). Multiply that by the number of producers (four in our AMAP) and you imagine the small forest that we start to decimate each year.

As a computer scientist, all this paperwork in the digital age, it makes me a little stomachache. The question I am asking myself and for which I have not found a formal answer is the legal possibility of substituting the paper contract for an online contract . If other Amapians go through there and have experience in the “digitization” of contract management, their return is welcome. Otherwise I would lead the investigation