Hair trend: braids, gray, blonde and hard asymmetrics!

Abandoned the onion bun and now legitimately adopted by Coachella the hippie tendency lords; it imposes an absolutely discreet style made of braids, braids and then braids. Braids of all shapes and sizes: herringbone very pretty when worn on the hair long and disordered, superglam if combined with colorful clothes, impalpable fabrics and paw jeans in the purest of seventies , inappropriate with suits and blouses.

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On the other hand, if you are the daughter of “maman Français” and love the bon-ton style, her hair is set in a tidy and chiccosissima French braid that is fine even with less extreme lengths and is beautiful when paired with dresses, blouses and tight but dolls.

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And here we are to another trend of spring summer hair or the asymmetrical cut or garçon , here it is in a thousand facets, shaves and shades; dashed with the razor and emphasized by extreme colors and punk, if you have a more street style and a strong but not too plump face, dare the assimilation and discover the ears as he did for a while ‘ Kristen Stewart, the Bella of Twilight , who decided to cut her long and teenage hair and give herself a change of look more masculine but very sexy.

Now let’s abandon cuts and hairstyles to arrive in the colors. … .. Colors? No color because fashion says gray! Gray on thick hair, gray on short cuts, gray on very sharp bobs; the ” granny hair” or the “hair from grandma” is a supertrend this spring and it will be in the summer too. A strong and decidedly futuristic fashion that however becomes really trendy if you think of a punk look, leather nail and boyfriend jeans and trendy with dresses studded with sequins, lurex, lattex and vertiginous sandals. They tried a little ‘all: from Lady Gaga to Rhianna, from Nichole Richie to Pink and many others … but between us ” is not a bit’ too early for grandma style?”

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The answer is yes! Then we gallop towards the sea with its reflections, towards the color of the sun and the effect of salt, because the natural effect is always the master of the scene and this year imposes the bronde! Or the blond and brown merged into a single solution as in an indissoluble marriage.

Many stars have eliminated the yellow straw mattress to enter the large group of brown-blond, one of all our beloved Cara Delevigne who said goodbye to the ” blonde ambition” for a more reassuring and decided bronde and also gave an impressive blow to the own look in line with the spring summer hair trend.

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Of course, it is good for everyone: from olive-colored carnations to diaphanous, fabulous with pearly eyeshadows but also with a mat effect and suitable for all looks; wonderful in the long hair, chic in the medium cuts, fabulous in the short, in short, a must!

And you who hair trend will you be?