Hairdresser, ornamental plant with brushes The Secrets of the Garden

The calistheam is an evergreen ornamental shrub that originates from distant Australia and blooms from May to September. It stands out for the impressive, long-bred flowers with the brush-like red stamens. From there, he also got his name. The calistheam belongs to the same family as myrtle and can reach a height of 3-4 meters. A popular plant for the gardener, the beauty caretaker is chosen for individual plantings in the garden and in large pots.


• What are the soil and climate conditions that the caretaker needs?

The beauty caretaker thrives in areas with warm, dry summer and mild winter as it is sensitive to prolonged frost and winds. It is good to plant it in sunny sheltered places. The cultivar develops better in acidic soils, rich in organic matter, with good drainage. When transplanting the calisthenics, care should be taken not to break the soil ball around the root as it has a sensitive root system and may be a problem.


• What needs to be irrigated, lubricated and pruned?

The calf needs regular watering to grow well and offer its rich flowering. With respect to fertilizer fertilizers, it is less needed in nitrogen but in a fertilizer rich in phosphorus and potassium to achieve satisfactory flowering. Also, the caretaker does not need pruning on an annual basis, only if he dilutes his foliage a lot. We are only used to remove dried branches and flowers after the end of spring flowering. Regarding how the calistheam is multiplied, it is multiplied by seed and grafts.

And a secret to the beauty caretaker

The calf, in the blooming period, has high bee traffic as it is an excellent bee-keeping plant. Literally, its flowers are buzzing by the bees. That’s why it wants attention for those who are allergic to the bee sting.