Monday RMLL, Tuesday, Wednesday RPLL

It’s a strange feeling to come to this blog post an article. A bit the same feeling as when you come back to an old family house where you would have spent a lot of holidays being young … There is dust everywhere, but everything is in place as before and with lots of memories. I tell myself that one day I would read again the articles and the comments to remember the good old time, of these sometimes stormy, but often enriching discussions which enamelled this blog. However, I do not consider it dead, but alive, in hibernation. Nothing is immutable. For now, I have made other choices and I have to assume them.

For the first, it has already started this weekend, for the second it lasts 2 days and starts Tuesday, July 4th.

LSM, I think the regulars of this site know exactly what it is. For others, it is an event that brings together the free software community every year around 7 days dedicated to this theme with a series of conferences and workshops workshops an associative village to meet the associative actors.

RPLL, the LSM Pro side

The RPLL is an event that was created for the occasion and whose organization was carried out by the Association of Free Software Professionals in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes: PlossRA

RPLLs rely on the logistics of the LSM and take place in a space of time and common place. The Factory Forces Motrices will host, next to the associative village of the RMLL, twenty or so professional exhibitors who have come to present their solutions.

For my part, I will be Monday on the village associations of the RMLL Dolibarr stand to allow you to learn more and discover this management software for self-employed, TPE, SMEs and associations .

Tuesday and Wednesday, I put on my pro suit and be the stand of my company Open-DSI . Again, you can come and discover Dolibarr, but also Nextcloud , WordPress and WooCommerce . For the latter, we have also developed a first version of a coupling module with Dolibarr. Still in the development phase, there is nevertheless a first testable version on Github .

On the conference side, I’m hosting a round table on July 4th at 2 pm on the following subject:

Free at the right price : economic models at the service of users (Auditorium J022 – St Etienne Telecom)

You will also be able to attend a presentation workshop of Dolibarr for service companies and training on July 5th at 10:40 am Room J009 .

I let you consult the programs of these two events, there are many other very interesting things to discover.

In any case, I would like to congratulate the Saint-Etienne organizers of these LSMs who have agreed to open the door to a professional event. This is a first and I still think that LSMs should always offer this “Pro” entry point to their visitors. If only to show that free software is not only passionate bearded geeks, but also professionals (just as passionate and sometimes bearded). The two worlds are indissociable and entangled in each other, although it is necessary to be able to differentiate them clearly in order to avoid inappropriate “mixtures”.