Revealed Bio-Indicator of Health and Well-being Hairs

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Our valuable health items can give a few hairs from our hair. Hair of our hair is an almost indestructible bio-index, which carries many personal information to a quantum epigenetic level. So just a small sample of our hair is enough to map more than 800 key indicators of well-being, toxins, trace minerals, vitamins,

The above mentioned is the cardiologist, director of the Nanomed Lifestyle Clinic, and responsible for Nanomedicine at the Aristotle University of Nanotechnology, Varvara Karagiozaki, who will speak on the topic “Nanomedical and Innovative Diagnostic Techniques for the Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Diseases” on Saturday, November 24 at 3 pm (HYGEIA Hall).

“The data collected from the hair (which is a living organism) is sent to a center in Germany and using supercomputers, which have mapped 800 health and wellness indicators, are compared to the ideal. human organism, thanks to the epigenetic, with the aim of measuring the impact of the environmental factors on our DNA, “notes Karagiozaki.

Thus, as Karagozakis explains, the conclusions always refer to the particular patient, which may be, for example, more sensitive to a form of radiation than to another (for example, radiation of a mobile relative to its radiation television). In any case, the test is a precautionary measure and with all the measurements made (eg toxins, trace elements, vitamins), a personalized 90-day treatment program is proposed by the patient. The program usually involves recommendations on its diet, but also on its lifestyle in general.

It is noted that more than 200 distinguished speakers, leading scientists and doctors from Northern Greece, as well as guests from all over the country and abroad, representatives of scientific bodies will participate in the Forum, which will be held on 24 and 25 November at the Vellidio Congress Center, and acclaimed researchers to inform the public and the slogan “We are opening health to society”. The lecture program covers every important aspect of modern medical and scientific research, and many data on major diseases, chronic illnesses and health issues that concern the entire society are expected to be released.