Software Binary options signals

Among the many “software” for automatic trading with the binary options offered by the market, we believe that Rocketrade is the most authoritative and reliable supplier of trading signals currently in circulation.

Already widely celebrated and awarded numerous official acknowledgments attesting the qualities of reliability and safety, Rocketrade the autotrading platform with the highest number of members (over 20,000 traders and a percentage of satisfied customers that exceeds 93%), most of the which are largely satisfied with the level of reliability of the signals received and of the gains generated with the use of this instrument.

Celebrated, therefore, as the ideal solution for anyone who wants to achieve winning results in the short term and without too much use of time, we believe Rocketrade an interesting proposal for those looking for professional tools and at the same time simple to do online trading with binary options in assisted manner.

How Rocketrade works

Unlike other “software” of the same category, this platform operates on the financial markets in a very different and sophisticated way of its direct competitors, exploiting special algorithms developed according to the most modern investment techniques.

Basically, those who use the trading signals returned by Rocketrade , operate on the financial markets in a manner equivalent to a scrupulous and attentive professional in the sector.

The modern technology contained in the Rocketrade platform, allows the “software” to be always ready to identify even the weakest trading signals on which to invest.

Those who choose the Rocketrade platform to trade with binary options , can choose to join the project in three different ways, which require the subscription of as many “accounts”: Free, Pro and Businnes .


Free version of Rocketrade distributed to make known and appreciate the qualities of this product.
This is a fully functional version and distributed free until July 1, 2016.
In this way the Rocketrade developers want to bring the potential of their product to the public without having to deposit.

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Professional version

After July 1, 2016 Rocketrade will cease to be distributed free of charge and will go to a paid version with a cost of 149 euros per month.
With this version, trading signals will be provided in an unlimited way, and members of the “community” can also take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the bonuses and promotions offered by authorized brokers .

Businnes version

The Rocketrade platform is also and above all a point of reference for many binary trading professions.

The latter will find in the Pro version an important resource for trading at the best possible conditions.
The Pro version of Rocketrade is released at the annual cost of 7500 euros.