The guide to IT solutions for TPE

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It was done, as we say!

The guide is now available for sale on the D-Booker publisher’s website.

You can read excerpts from the guide story to get an idea of ​​how different topics are addressed and treated. All the introduction is also for free download. It allows you to better understand how the software was chosen, what is free software, the interest of open formats and how to choose an online service (based on free software too).

This guide is an all-in-one. You know how much I love this concept. It is a step in the stirrup for all those wishing to have computer tools adapted to their needs and not wasting time in testing and other research.

This selection of free software and services and the documentation that goes with it are intended to cover the vast majority of the needs of a TPE among which:

  • Communicate with others
  • Get organized
  • Team working
  • Create your brand image
  • Administer his company
  • Manage your data

I did not do it alone. This book represents several months of cumulative work. Three other people worked on it:

  • Dimitri Robert , trainer in the use of free software in the Artefacts cooperative, author of a reference document on TheGimpand webmaster of
  • Sebastien Mirate project manager / e-learning designer
  • Sandrine Monllor web content editor and Ideoz Voyages website

I also wanted to thank (yes it’s very ceremony of delivery of Caesars